5 Effective Data Entry Methods You Can Use For Your Business


Data entry methods are various processes of preparing and collecting data for generating sales lead and reaching out to target consumers. This is also to recognize other competitors within the industry that you’re about to encounter as your business go broad.

In order to conduct data entry collecting and research, effective methods are as follows:


These are the data collected by the employees and third-party service provider in the past. The company is reserving this kind of information for research, comparison and trend analysis purposes.

Key Informant Interviews

A direct communication with the leaders in the community, and expert individuals. As effective and low-cost data entry outsourcing services, this provides the company’s representative a chance to get more information during meeting, conference and invite-only interviews. Conducting key informant interviews is ideal if the speaker will convey information that you will not get through other means. Usually, there are 2 to 9 attendees during this kind of data entry method.

Focus Groups

This data entry method is usually use during a press conference, meetings or big events. Each attendee should fill up a simple form before entering the vicinity. Form in focus groups method usually composed of a name, email address, contact number, job positions and the company they are representing.


One of the common data entry methods that every company continuously doing both offline and online. Though this may be also a time-consuming method, this easily generates quantitative data, and highly reliable and valid.
Most companies are still conducting surveys if they want to examine and improve newly released product.

Once you have mastered these data entry methods, you will be able to design effective data capture. You can also identify which of the methods is conducive and efficient as the corresponding way for the current needs and research.